Eco-Friendly Fluid Radiator – R-EcoFluid-7

100% ecological radiator with wifi R-EcoFluid by Bastilipo. H2O Natural Liquid is a totally ecological and biodegradable fluid that replaces the mineral oil inside radiators, without the need to alter the design. Its basic components are H2O, thickeners of vegetable origin and mineral salts, which give the fluid better thermal characteristics than oil. It also has the latest Wi-Fi technology so that you have total security that the radiator has been turned off and you can even program routines so that when you get home, it is warm upon arrival.




Ecological, technological, efficient and sustainable

Power: 400/600/1000 W
Voltage: 220/240 V – 50/60 Hz
7 items
Consumption: 0.6 kWh
WiFi connection
Patented product
100% recyclable and sustainable packaging
Weight: 8.4 Kg
Dimensions: 35.5 x 24.5 x 63.5 cm

Ean-13: 8437000867975

What is H2O Natural Liquid?

H2O NATURAL LIQUID is an ecological and biodegradable fluid that replaces mineral oil inside radiators, substantially improving its performance without modifying its design.

It is about carrying out a cyclical process in the use of natural resources. When the life of these products ends, as they come from nature, they can be returned to it, obtaining a zero environmental impact.

The temperature is acquired in a similar way to traditional radiators but on another hand a higher performance is achieved rather than with the use of mineral oi l obtaining higher working temperatures.

Due to the physical properties of H2O NATURAL LIQUID, the devices that uses it accumulate more energy and dissipate heat more efficiently.

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